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Join our 2015 Stanley Cup Playoffs Bracket Challenge League!

Join our Stanley Cup Playoffs Bracket Challenge League today for a chance to win an NHL Jersey!
Here Are The Rules:
1. Follow Us on IG @SonsofHockey 
2. Re-Post this Photo & TAG Us.

3. TAG Your Friends
5. Go to & Sign Up
6. Join Our League: Sons of Hockey
Note: This will be a winner takes all contest. At the end of the Stanley Cup Finals, the player with the most points will win a brand new NHL Jersey. They can pick any team they would like. No purchases are necessary to join.

Please try and use your IG/Twitter name for the entry name, this is so we can match it up to your account if you win. If you can not, please leave whatever name you use down below or email us. If you have any questions please let us know. You can message below, PM or email us at